Hello All

Please find below the Team for the rearranged Match.

7.30 – P Robinson / A Scott
7.40 – L Porter / P Sanford
7.50 – M Edmunds / T Pegrum
8.00 – Captain / Vice
8.10 – N Chapman / J Joseph
8.20 – D Seymour / M Butcher
8.30 – I McEwan / G Fraser
8.40 – C Nash / T Crispin
8.50 – S Ferguson / B Kilgour
9.00 – M Brennan / D Goddard
9.10 – B Kreyling / P Kreyling
9.20 – C Wyatt / G Dickinson
9.30 – C Deal / J Iguacel
9.40 – C Donovan / C Read
9.50 – D Clement / J Montgomery
10.00 – C Kirby / D Mechem

We have as far as possible retained the Team selected for the original cancelled fixture and those who confirmed they are available and willing to play.

The Course again is closed and we will monitor the situation and try to keep you informed, frustrating to say the least.

Those who have put themselves forward but missed out due to commitments or injury you will play in the next match in October.

If you are willing to act as a reserve please let me know.

Please Note that this is Belfairs Home Match, so we play in accordance with their Local Rules. I have been asked to point out the following.

NO general pick and place in bunkers.
NO preferred Lies to tree line on Back 9.
NO pick and place around the uncut areas surrounding bunkers.
The worn ground on right of 14th is GUR, up to 100 yards of the bunker on right of green.

Rules of Golf apply. If in doubt ask your opponents!

Finally good luck to our Norman Plumb Team that are all playing away now on Sunday at Crowlands GC. Thank you all for you commitment.

Best wishes to you All.

Chris Snell