Hello All

We have played Day one of our 2023 Club Championship Scratch & Handicap. Thank you to all who played and supported the Competitions.

Those who either are only playing tomorrow or who have N/R ‘d from the main Competition may play tomorrow in a consolation Medal Round from the White Tees. Your cards will be submitted for Handicap purposes at a later date. You will be going out ahead of the Club Championships.

Please find attached the scores from Day 1

Tony Howson will be at the Club to get groups away.

Please note groups may alter as a result of withdrawals and extra people turning up at short notice. Please arrive early and be on the Tee in plenty off time. Groups were getting away well before advertised times today.

Order of Play:

08.30 – Fulker, Robinson, Wyatt
08.40 – Gray, M Jones, Kirby
08.50 – Fisher, Reid, Jarman

Club Championships:

09.00 – Goddard, Staples, Chapman
09.10 – Sanford, Seymour, Donovan
09.20 – Clement, A Johnson, Walden
09.30 – Fraser, Scott, Deal
09:40 – Cooksley, Nash,Mechem, Porter
09.50 – McEwan, Pegrum, Montgomery
10.00 – L Burgess, Dickinson, Edmunds, Hammond

Play well and enjoy your golf.

Chris Snell