Hello All

Congratulations Dave Payne on winning The Captain & Vice competition with 42 Points! Very well played. The Runner-Up was Phil Sanford with 39 Points.

The full results are attached and available on Howdidido.

Thank you on behalf of Lee The Captain for all who’s hard work contributed to a great day where the club benefited financially with your money spent behind the bar which was welcomed. It was fantastic to see so many members and guests at the club on Saturday.

Sunday was The Kindred Final where again despite windy conditions SGC finished in a creditable second place to Belfairs, who won for 5he 3rd time in a row. 114 points with us 110 points!

Thank you Team for your efforts, you were a credit to our club. Many thanks to those of you who took the trouble to come out onto the course to offer encouragement and those who sent messages of support.

T Pegrum/ D Frost, T Burgess/L Burgess, C Donovan, D Staples, Captain/Vice.

This coming weekend we are playing The July Medal. Normal entry conditions apply.

Please play outstanding Summer 4 Ball 1st Round Matches ASAP as deadline approaches.

The committee met last night and I am. pleased to report that the clubs financial position is slowly improving mainly due to the increased turnover behind the bar in recent months thanks to both your and guests support and also functions and events put on by your Captain which have been well received. The financial support by several members and supplier of services has also ensured that the club has been able to meet its financial Obligations going forward. The committee is grateful to them and the forecast is encouraging.

The committee has received complaints relating to slow play. You are all reminded that you must call through other groups where you are losing holes to those in front for whatever reason. Failure to do so is unacceptable and is a common courtesy to fellow members to do so. 3 minutes to look for balls. Play provisionals where appropriate. Be ready to play. The pace of play must be maintained to ensure every ones enjoyment.

There is NO cash back to be asked for at the bar please. Either pay by card or go to an ATM. each transaction costs the club. This has been endorsed by the committee.

Tony Howson will take over the duties of competition secretary after the conclusion of this years Club Championships. He will do a great job. Please give him the support and encouragement that you gave me. All matters relating to competition/ Handicaps etc to Tony please after 1st August.

Please message me if you intend playing in Club Championships on 29/30th July in order that I can estimate if further tee times are required. Also for catering on the Sunday. There will be no other competition played for over that weekend as advised by County Handicap advisor. Please indicate whether you are entering both Scratch and Handicap or just the Handicap

That is all, Thank you

Chris Snell