Hello All

We are looking forward to seeing many of you and your Guests tomorrow for our Guest Day.


The Starters Hut will only be issuing one card per person in the morning when you pay your green fees or present your season tickets.

It is important that your group retains one card for use in the afternoons Texas Scramble event.

The calculation of Team Handicaps will remain the same for Teams of 4 or 3 players. Simply add the Teams Handicaps (Course) together say 10, 15,20,22= 67. Your Team Handicap will be 10% of the Total which will be in this case 6.7.

There is no rounding up, so at the conclusion of your 8 Holes you deduct 6.7 from your Total Gross score which will then be your Team score.

There is no order of play in the Scramble. After your buffet lunch and beers go out in your groups when ready.

Please avoid slow play in the morning by picking up when no longer able to score. Search for balls maximum 3 minutes
then the ball is not in play. Call through groups when it is appropriate please.

The weather is forecast to be sunny and warm. Enjoy!

Chris Snell