Morning All

As a result of being approached by a number of our members, The committee have agreed to postpone the forthcoming AGM and Presentation evening this coming Friday evening.

This is mainly due to the clash with England’s World Cup match being at the same time and several committee members band other interested parties being unable to attend.

The committee apologise for the late notice. The new date is Friday 6th January 2023.

The club will be open on the 25th and showing the England game.

Captains Charity:

As most of you are aware the club suffered a devastating Burglary a week ago, As well as the loss of our safe and alcohol stock a substantial amount of cash collected during the year by the Captain Nick Chapman was also stolen.

Such a heartless theft has deprived his nominated charity of much needed funds and is despicable.

Lee Porter will over the coming weeks be organising a collection at the club in order to try and replace some of the money lost. I am sure you will all wish to contribute what you can to this cause. Thank you in advance.

November Medal results:

The Club system was suffering from a fault over the Medal weekend whereby incorrect playing handicaps were issued. Although the issue has been resolved it is not possible to reset those errors. The result has been manually achieved using the correct playing Handicaps.

Division 1:

P Robinson – 76 -13-63
M Jones- 77- 12-65
D Clement- 81- 15-68
R George- 82- 13-70

Div 2:

M Brennan- 83-20=63
J Walden- 93-30=63
J Iguacel- 86-20=66
C Snell- 93-26=67

Congratulations to Pete and Malcolm and very well played! The full results will be published at the club in due course.

Lowest Gross for those interested was was Mick Edmunds with Gross 74-3-71 well played.

For information all of the competition money and cards including several cards submitted for Handicap purposes by new members were stolen from the competition box during the burglary. The Winter 4 Ball will now be a free competition as a result. Draw this Sunday.

That all, best wishes and enjoy your golf.

Chris Snell