Hello All

This coming Weekend we will be playing The H Foreman Cup.

The early Club Tee time is available as normal if you are not playing later in the day.

The Format is Singles Par/Bogey Competition. The player is playing each hole against the Par of that hole. Only the Players Gross score should be recorded in column A. It is strictly the responsibility of the committee to calculate from the recorded gross score if the hole has been won (+) halved (0) or lost (-)

In a Par/ bogey competition the object is to beat a score of par on as many holes as possible. EXAMPLE: Joe scores a net 3 on the first hole which is a par 3. In a Par competition he would earn a halve and be all square.

You can play the competition on any day Fri- Sun if you so wish. If you play on Quality Street day at the latter Tee time below You can but MUST play from the WHITE Tees. Note the Quality Street competition is from YELLOW Tees. It is your choice.

When entering your gross scores for each hole on the computer your score for each hole W,D,L will be shown, as will a final Total, eg +3.

There is a £2.00 entry fee. Please sign in and enter your scores on the computer. Play from the White Tees!

This is a Honour Board competition.

Quality Street Golf Day Saturday:

The 1st Tee is reserved between 10am and 11.20am

The Club will be open for Tea, coffee and bacon rolls early.

Please be at the club early so that an orderly draw can be made.

All Non Quality Street members are welcome to attend and play for guests cash Prizes. Best front and back 9 and overall winner.

£10.00 fee for Non quality Street players which includes after golf Buffet and Prize money. No charge for Quality Street members.

Roger Foreman Match v Belfairs Sunday 30th October:

The Team will be selected later in the week from the list in the club by the Captain and Vice. There are more then 40 potential players on the list. After selection and further information will be sent out to those selected. Thank you all for your support in putting your names forward.

Best wishes and enjoy your golf.

Chris Snell