Please find below Tee times for Sunday.

Those marked * have requested early start due to Family commitments or later time for other reasons.

8.30 Snell (G) * Joseph (G) Fulker (G)

8,38. * Robinson (G) * Seymour (G) Verner (G) George (G)

8.46. T Burgess (G) Crispin (G) D Burgess (G) Kilgour (G)

8.54 Sanford (G) Pegrum (G) Mechem (G) L Burgess (S)

9.02. Wyatt (S) Brennan (S) M Johnson (S) Ravinet (S)

9.12 Hammond (S) K Johnson (S) Mont’y (S) Clement (S)

9.20 Staples ((S) Goddard (S) Humble (S) Brandon (S)

9.28 * Porter (Vice) (G) Walden (S) Deal (S) Davis (S)

Please sign in and enter scores. Birdie balls on Par 3 Holes only. Play from the White Tees.

Reminder £3.00 entry for each competition plus Quality Street Roll up money if taking part.

Picture of Andy to cheer Robbo up!

Best wishes an good luck