Hello All

Please Note the Order of Play for tomorrow. Some groups have been altered to facilitate family arrangements and Club Competition Matches.

The Leaderboards are available on Howdidido.

8.30 – Snell Fulker George.
8.38 – D Burgess Crispin Humble Wyatt
8.46 – Nash Staples Goddard Eley
8.54 – Pegrum Clement Deal Porter
9.02 – Brennan Kirby Brandon Sanford
9.10 – Gray Jones Hammond McEwan
9.18 – Edmunds Dickinson L Burgess Robinson

* Joseph & Fraser 0600 – Arranged

All others playing in the Jimmy Groves (18 and under) Ben Birkham (19 and over) Playing Handicaps please get to the Club early to participate in the Draw to follow the main Competition. This will be organised by Lee Porter Vice Captain. Any late comers will not be in the draw and will make own arrangement’s. The last Tee time we have is 9.40. There is a block booking after that.

All players please arrive at the Club early. If the Tee is free we will go off earlier.

ALL players on Sunday MUST sign in for Round 2 of the Club Championships in order to obtain the correct Playing Handicap that may of changed overnight in some cases.

Please present your cards and Entry fees to myself and Colin Fulker at the conclusion of your Round.

A light buffet lunch is available after golf.

Thank you and enjoy your golf.

Chris Snell