Hello All

Last Weekend 34 played the Qualifier for The Henry Cotton, with the Holder Dave Seymour and 15 qualifiers going into the Knock out Draw.

The Winner was Martin Jones with 77-11=66 in a card play off from Brett Kilgour 91-25=66 and Ronnie Bridges 84-18=66.

Well played and congratulations to ‘Bonesy’ and all who qualified.

Birdie Balls were won by Martin Jones and Daryl Mechem on 10th and Iain McEwan on 15th. Well done.

The Draw was conducted at Committee meeting last night. All those who qualified should have been contacted with the details of their Matches.

The full result is available on Howdidido and will be posted at the Club in due course.

There is NO Club Competition this Weekend so please Play outstanding Matches and or amuse yourselves witj Roll Ups and gambling.

A Competition Board with the Draw is in the process of being produced and will be displayed in due course.

Competition Fees:

This weekends Competition Fee return was sadly £9.00 short.

It is a condition of entry of ALL Club Competitions that you must sign in before play and pay your entry Fee.

The Committee have agreed that in future any envelopes where there is a shortage of Fee monies All Participants in that group will be Disqualified from the Competition. This is as we can not identify who has not paid.

There is no suggestion that these omissions are deliberate, but groups must ensure that all pay at the conclusion of play. Thank you all.

I have spoken with those who have outstanding Matches and am confident that with Matches already arranged and others to be resolved shortly we will be up to date.

Please communicate with your opponents with your availability. As soon as possible in order to get the Competitions completed. Keep a record of communication with your opponents.

I appreciate the efforts made by many to play and that delays have occurred as a result of injury, illness and Holidays! Again thank you.

I am away soon for the best part of 3 weeks. Competitions etc will be on the computer and cards and Fees will be collected on my return.

For the forthcoming Ravenswood Trophy, 29-31st July and Captains Day, 6th August, Please ensure that you place your completed cards and Fee in the box provided. I will monitor from afar and will reveal provisional results which will be confirmed when I return.

Best wishes and enjoy your golf.

Chris Snell