Hello All

This weekends February Medal is postponed and will be played the following week.This is mainly due to the current state of the course together with severe weather warnings of high winds with heavy rain forecast over the coming weekend.

There will be a weeks extension to all Competitions

Should the weather be kind do feel free to play!

Last Weeks Competition The Valentines Medal was won by Gary Dickinson with 77-9-69 from Runner up Roy George 82-13-69 in card play off with Dave Johnson 93-24-69.

Well played Gary and congratulations!

Birdie Balls were won by:

Terry Burgess x 2 on 10 & 15
Monty on 15
Gary Dickinson on 15
Well done!

28 Members played and £84.00 was collected.

Thank you all who are arranging and playing Matches. It is appreciated. Keep the Competitions moving. please message me if you need contact details.

Karl and Trevor you will be refunded your entry fee for the Vet’s Trophy. I will leave with Dave in Bar.

Best wishes All, enjoy your golf.

Chris Snell