So the second leg of the annual match was played on the 31st October in wet and windy conditions with Southend Golf Club hosting this match.

First off were regular early birds Pete Robinson & Andy Scott (sporting the 70’s porn star hairstyle) getting the club off to a 2 up win and first point on the board.

Next in line was the awesome duo of Mick Edmunds & Martin Jones (Bonesey to his chums) this result was only ever going one way with a crushing victory 5/4 for point 2

In match 3 was the Captains and Vices also playing for the Woodhouse Tall trophy, a very close match with Tony & Nick bringing home point 3 with a win on the last hole.

Next up were tough to beat Jarrod & Lee who rarely lose, they didn’t disappoint with another great win 1 up

Match number 5 was a disappointment for Nigel Hammond & Lewis Burgess with only one Belfairs opponent turning up, so the boys graciously took a half 

Next in line was the partnership of Terry Burgess & Stan Ferguson who surprisingly lost to difficult opponents Gopy & Patel 3/1 to give Belfairs their first win.

Match 7 saw the pairing of Chris Kirby & Bob Leek who kindly stepped up from the subs bench in terrible conditions, well done Bob, in a very tough match they were 3 down but turned it around to win on the 18th for another SGC point. Don’t ask Bob about the 11th hole…….particularly heavy rain at that moment!!

Match number 8 was the fine pairing of Iain McEwan & Gary Fraser and in a tough game the honours were shared with a half point for each team.

Match 9 didn’t actually get off the tee as the Belfairs pair declined to play in the awful conditions so an agreed walk over was given to Roy George & Colin Fulker, another SGC point

Next up in game 10 was Messers Snell & Grimble (sorry) with another fine win of 3/1 to gain another point.

Game 11 saw the new pairing of Monty & Martin or M&M or Beef n Johnson who unexpectedly lost out to their Belfairs rivals 2/1 another point Belfairs

Next match was the very capable duo of Colin Wyatt & Craig Deal who surprisingly lost out to their opponents in a 3/2 loss

Game 13 saw the pairing of Ali Fisher & Tony Howson who overcame tough Belfairs pairing of Brown & Nash to secure a fine 2/1 win

Next in line was the flamboyant pairing of tough to beat any week, the Silver Fox Dave Seymour & popular returning member Paul Gray they triumphed in a magnificent drubbing of 5/4 to secure yet another point.

Game 15 saw the shy and retiring quiet man of the club Dave Payne paired with new member Steve Staples who lost out to Belfairs duo Hance & Mahoney 2/1 for another Belfairs point

Bringing up the rear and usually a solid bet for a win was the established pairing of Ian Spooner & Darren Cumper who must have heard it was all over and fell away to a 2/1 loss

The Captain thanked everyone for playing in such awful conditions and thanked the bar staff for refreshments and catering as well as our opponents for playing the game in the spirit that Roger Foreman would have wanted.

So it finished 10-6 to SGC along with the Woodhouse Tall trophy the Roger Foreman Trophy remains where it belongs

and then the sun came out