Morning All.

In order to avoid any confusion surrounding the Rules, please be aware of the following important requirements, especially as the course is set up at present with harsh long and thick rough.

When searching for a ball played either from the Tee or otherwise you have 3 minutes to find your ball upon arrival at the general area that you believe it may be.

Unless clearly Out of bounds or in a Penalty area.

If you feel that there is a possibility that your ball may be lost, you may declare and play a Provisional ball, stroke and distance applies. This I strongly advise you to do in order to speed up play!

If you can not find your ball within 3 minutes, your ball is ‘LOST’ and no longer in play.

You must, either play your Provisional ball under Penalty, or return to where you played your previous stroke and play another ball under stroke and distance. Example : 3 off the Tee.

Penalty for playing your Original ball if found outside the 3 minute search time (As it is deemed lost) 2 Shot Penalty!

In casual play where no Provisional ball is played, you have the option to drop on edge of fairway where ball is lost for 2 shot penalty to avoid returning to tee etc.

These are the Rules and in fairness to all and in order to maintain the pace of play should be applied by all when in Competition.

The Competition is set up for this Weekend on the computer and Howdidido and I hope there are no issues. Enjoy your golf.

Best wishes

Chris Snell