Hello All.

Last Weekends Competition The Ian Nelson Trophy was won by Andy Scott with 41 Points. Runner Up was Jamie ‘Beef’ Montgomery also with 41 Points on Count Back. Well played both and Congratulations Andy.

The Competition was marred by some Members on Saturday being unable to sign in and enter scores on the computer. Others did not obtain their PLAYING Handicap required for Competition. This is different from your COURSE Handicap which you use in Casual play.

This resulted in many playing from wrong Handicaps resulting in incorrect scoring and Handicaps on cards. Some were not corrected and were submitted. Under normal circumstances these instances would result in Disqualification.

There is no suggestion that anyone did this to obtain an unfair advantage!!

After consideration I have decided after consulting the Committee to allow the Result to stand.

It is clear that these errors mainly have been caused by confusion around the WHS System and the Handicap Rules for Competition. You must obtain from the computer and play from your Playing Handicap in Competition to ensure equity for all.

If the computer is not available for any reason please inform me so I can try to resolve. Otherwise inform your playing partner that you intend playing in the Competition and enter Gross scores and submit your completed card in box. I will do the rest! It is not acceptable to place any old Handicap on your card. If unsure leave Handicap blank.

You must correct incorrect entries on your card prior to submitting with the agreement of your Marker or playing Partner.

Further failings will result in Disqualification.

I strongly advise you all to take the time and make the effort to understand the WHS System. Easy to read information can be obtained via Google WHS GOLFERS TOOLKIT

I am available to help if you have any questions.

This Weekend we will playing the Tiger Trophy. £3.00 entry, White Tees. Birdie balls for Par 3’s. Sign in and enter scores. Howdido sign in etc will be enabled.

Best wishes and enjoy your golf!

Chris Snell