Hello All.

The course Opens next Tuesday. The Starters hut is open for bookings outside normal Club block bookings. ONLY FRONT 9 HOLES will be open for play.

Cost to non Season ticket holders £10.50 or £9.25 Senior Citizens. You must not jump back on to the 1st Tee on completion as it is anticipated a high number of bookings. If free enquire in the Starters hut, before paying for another 9 Holes.

Please let me know ASAP if you intend playing Wednesday. If sufficient, I will conduct a draw and order of play which will be sent out early next week. Please only contact me if you intend to play!

COVID Regulations are still in place. Please maintain social distancing and wear a mask where applicable. Please don’t congregate in large group outside the Club or on 1st tee. The Club is cosed bar the toilets. Please change OUTSIDE the Club.

No Alcohol will be available from the Club until the 12th April. Bring your own Refreshments.

I have no news if the Match v Belfairs is going ahead on 18th April.

Enjoy you golf, Pick and place applies, as does Free Relief from any obvious ‘Abnormal Course conditions’ such as Tyre/Machinery tracks, Fairway damage etc. Drop within Two Club lengths, or nearest point of Relief no nearer to the hole!

Best wishes to you all,

Chris Snell
Competition Secretary