It is with a heavy heart I report that John Worth passed away in his sleep peacefully last night Saturday 9th January. John was a great Captain of our Club and made a big impression wherever he went, Larger than life is a term used to describe John. He was much more than this, he was generous in so many ways and would genuinely help anyone whenever he could. His personality endeared him to so many people from different walks of life. He loved his trips with the Barton Bandits and the Harry Kernow boys to Cornwall. He was very popular among the Kindred Clubs following his year as Captain in 1993.

Whoever John reached out to he was well liked and loved. He had a wicked sense of humour and could give as good as he got but always he remained popular with all he encountered.

A good golfer in his early golfing life playing comfortably off around 10 handicap, he loved his time at Southend Golf Club and was so proud to represent the club as Captain.

Say it as it is was his motto and it made him many friends throughout his life.

He will be greatly missed by so many who wont even see this email.

So long Boysie

Sleep well we’ll see you on the other side