Hello All

Here are the updates regarding WHS and conversations with Essex Golf Union and Club V1 today.

If you have not or can not register on the England Golf link to obtain your projected WHS Handicap then you will not be able todo so until after the system goes live on 2nd of November. Your Handicap will be available then.

Please note, Brian Bamford, Mick Butcher, Jamie Montgomery, Tony Sheekey, and Ricky Marshall.

I have confirmed that numerous Clubs have suffered the same issue of membership transfer due to a number of issues. You all have a CDH number so will get a Handicap assigned within the week. I have confirmed that all the information that is required to do so such as CDH Numbers, email addresses etc, are available on our system.

The projected Handicap indexes that you have been assigned are a reflection of the standard of golf that you have recorded since 1st of January 2018. The more Golf you have played the more accurate your Handicap. Remember these Handicaps have been calculated under the new rules not the old CONGU rules with buffer zones And 0.1 increases and decreases. The Handicaps are accurate and information as to exactly how calculated and adjusted is freely available on the England Golf and Essex Golf Union Websites as I have advised as per previous emails

All Members who appear on the Handicap list that I sent out have been assigned handicaps as above. I have had no input. You have not been ignored or had a handicap made up arbitrarily. Going forward Handicaps are your responsibility. The more cards you return the more your handicap will change for good or worse.

I appreciate that many are surprised as to the fluctuations of handicaps. I have attempted to reply and address the emails, messages and voicemails to your satisfaction. I am assured by the County Secretary that our club is not the only one where there has been such a reaction, but this is an accurate system that will find the correct level when cards are submitted and scores analysed.

I have opted the Club Membership in to share contact information with England Golf WHS platform as I have received no dissenters as per my previous email on the matter.

Best wishes

Chris Snell
Competition Secretary
Southend On Sea Golf Club.