Hello All

Due to the heavy rain and only one entry being submitted the weekend’s competition Is abandoned. The October Monthly Medal will now be played this coming Weekend. £3.00 entry, play from White tees, Birdie balls for Par 3 Holes only.

The Midweek Medal will be played this Wednesday. All welcome.

Thank you all of those who responded to the message last week and replying with your dates of birth. This information was required in order for your Handicap to be transferred and integrated into the WHS.

If no date of birth is supplied, as per my previous email, possibly no Handicap will be allocated to you. The following who’s details are held on our Handicap system provider Have no date of birth shown. Email your Date of births ASAP.

Karl Ramdin
Tony Crispin
T Sheekey
J Cushing
B Bamford

Best wishes

Chris Snell