Hello All

Please find attached the results of last Weekends Competition The Founders Cup. There were 30 entries with £90.00 being collected. Apart from N/R’s there were no discrepancies in scoring, so a good effort well done all.

Runner up was Nick Chapman with a Net 67 earning a well deserved Handicap reduction. Well played and congratulations to all.

Birdie Balls to Andy Scott and Dave Burgess. Well done! Also attached is the official result for the Captains Cup. Martin Jones and Dave Frost please note your new Handicaps.

I have attached the latest Handicap list for all to check as there have been a few changes.

Please note. All results will be displayed in the club. There will be no Club Competition this weekend so fill your boots with Strollers and Quality Street casual rounds. Play to your own rules!

I will be putting the latest Order of Merit list up in the club this weekend. Hopefully you all received my separate email with attachments regarding WHS. The videos can also be found on the Club Website. https://southendgolf.co.uk/rules/ courtesy of Bob Leek.

Upcoming dates to note

Wednesday 3rd September. September Midweek Medal. Points towards Wednesday Wanderers Order of Merit. All welcome. £3.00 entry. Birdie balls Par 3’s.
Saturday 12th September Dave Cundick Memorial Trophy. All welcome please add your name to the list in the Club this weekend so that we know numbers. Otherwise drop me an email if you not at Club at the weekend.
18th-20th September. September Monthly Medal.
25th September. Captains Away Day Benton Hall. List up at Club.
Sunday 25th October. Roger Foreman. List up at Club. Nearly full 32 required.

Finally I’m sure that we wish Dave Buckley all of our best wishes for his forthcoming Surgery and a quick recovery and hope to see him back behind the bar soon. Please maintain social distancing when in and around the Club. Please do not attend if you are feeling unwell in order to safeguard our more vulnerable members.

Best wishes to you all.
Chris Snell