Good Afternoon All.

Please find attached the result of last Weekends Competition The August Monthly Medal. 22 players took part with £66.00 collected.

Division 1
The Winner with an impressive Net 64 was Iain McEwan from Runner up Jarrod Joseph With a Net 66This was an impressive performance which generated an Exceptional Handicap Reduction. Congratulations and very well played Ian. Good performances from Jarrod and Robber Roy George and Alistair Fisher as well.

Division 2
The Winner was Tony Crispin Net 70 on Count back from Simon Ravinet. Congratulations and well done.

This coming Weekend on Saturday is Captains day where you will be playing for the Captains Cup. The format for the day has been sent by your Captain on a separate email. I hope you All have an enjoyable day. There will be no other Club Competitions.

Again preferred lies were discussed at yesterday’s Committee meeting. As sympathetic as The Committee is to preserving the course etc, it is not possible to play preferred lies at this time of year without the consent of the Essex Golf Union when playing in a Club sanctioned Qualifying Competition.

However as a result of prolonged hot weather with little rain where the course in places exhibits ‘Abnormal conditions ‘ such as cracks, holes, or where old bunkers etc which would normally Be GUR, you are entitled to relief without penalty. With the agreement of your playing partners. That is the position, including ‘Strollers’ on a Saturday as you can not have different rules where people could be playing Strollers in tandem with a Club Competition.

A discussion Followed by a vote decided that next years Club Championships would be Played over 2 days. This decision will be put on the agenda discussed and voted on at the AGM.

Next week email we will begin Discussing preparations for The new World Handicap System and how it will affect you. Also the use of the Howdidido app and How to input Your competition scores on it.

Please this weekend when the club will have nearly 40 members present maintain social Distancing and stay alert and safe. Please do not attend the club if you are feeling unwell In order to safeguard our older more vulnerable members.

Enjoy your golf!

Best wishes

Chris Snell