Good Afternoon.

Please accept my apologies for the delay in formulating the official result of the last weekends Competition. Circumstances beyond my control!

We played the July Roll-Up Stableford with cash prizes for the Winner, best front and back 9 Holes. These will be deposited behind the bar for collection.

The standard of completion and marking of competition cards, despite my requests for care and double checking Is unfortunately is appalling. Over the weekend EIGHT (8) cards were recorded Incorrectly the majority of instances were under scoring, but two over scoring, resulting in Disqualifications. Cards were also not submitted despite payment being made. Please ensure that you check your cards. You are playing for cash and club Competitions. It is your loss if you fail to check your own scores. The winner signed for a lower score then he actually achieved and went from third to 1st!

The Winner with a magnificent 43 Points was Colin Wyatt. He has achieved an Exceptional Score Handicap Reduction and has been cut from 20.4 to 17.9

Best Front 9 was Iain McEwan with 23 points (R)
Best Back 9 was Mick Edmunds with 24 points (R)

Full result and latest Handicap list will be posted at the club.

This weekend we will be playing The Guy Alfred Trophy. This is normally A pairs event but as not permitted at present It will be a singles Stableford competition. £2.00 entry play of WHITE competition Tees.

Play Level from the white Marker plates Or alternative white mark er post, Or within 2 club lengths behind the marker plates or White Marker. Do NOT play from in front of the Marker plate. This arrangement has been authorised in writing from the National and County Unions until the end of August as a temporary arrangement in the absence of the White Tee Markers. If in doubt ask a competent Member for advice!

The Captains Day list on the 15th August is up the club. Please indicate if you wish to attend so we have an idea as to numbers. His Autumn away day list is also displayed.

Please observe social distancing at the Club at all times. Please frequently was your Hands. Stay alert and keep safe. If you are feeling unwell please stay away from the Club and protect our More vulnerable Members.

A Warm welcome to all new Members.

Best wishes

Chris Snell