Hello All please find below the draw for tomorrow’s play. This may change of course depending on weather, people dropping Out or appearing unexpectedly!

The draw was completed by Lauren Snell aged 11.

The bar will be open for take away beers after golf.

This Medal will count towards Wednesday Wanderers 2020 Order of Merit Trophy.

Please Putt out. If No return on a hole please return a score on subsequent holes Completed. If playing for Birdie balls £3.00 entry. It is not compulsory to enter The Medal.

7.20 Spooner, Johnson, Eley

7.30 Snell, Howson, George, Taylor

7.40 Ravinet, T Burgess, Brennan, Leek

7.50 Seymour, Elliott, Langdon, Butcher M

8.00 L Burgess, Jennett, Edmunds, Ferguson.

Best wishes

Chris Snell