This weekend we played our first competition of the new season, the Turkey Trot.
28 cards were submitted and £56.00 was collected.

Merit points will be awarded to the leading six players- 50/40/30/20/10/5

The winner with 40 points was Steve Fuller.
Runner up was Kevin Verner with 38 points. 3rd place, Terry Burgess 37 points.
Cash prizes for the first three places will be deposited behind the bar.
Well played Steve and please note your new handicap!

Wednesday will be the December Midweek Medal, all welcome.

This weekend we will play the December Monthly Medal. 18 holes, White Tee mats. £3 entry. Birdie 2’s balls. Please sign in.

A reminder that you must be a renewed/paid new member to participate in club competitions.

Best wishes

Chris Snell