Hello to all,

The official line from the starters / greenkeepers is that they will be inspecting the course again on Wednesday this week.

I took a walk around the course this morning to see for myself how bad things are and I was shocked by the amount of water still there. All the fairways I walked are saturated with large swathes of standing water, the bunkers are still flooded and the greens are like wet sponges.

In my opinion, there is absolutely no chance of it being fit to open this week or weekend and I’m very doubtful that it will even open the week after that.

I know there are several groups that have organised themselves other venues to play at the moment and my advice would be to carry on doing so.

In the (unlikely) event that the course is open on Good Friday, 29th, Chris has booked some tee times around 10.00am and got about 30 names so far for a game and a get together. If you would like to be included please message him direct so he can get more times.

In the meantime if any official news is forthcoming we will let you know.

Season Tickets
Colin Wyatt is currently in discussions with the council, on our behalf, to see what can be done in terms of recompense for the closures we have endured. We will keep you informed as to the outcome.

The February medals were cancelled due to the closure and so now the March medals will be cancelled as well. The Golden Day Trophy and The Southend Cup Qualifier will be rescheduled in due course.

Roger Foreman Match v Belfairs
This match, due to be played on Sunday 24th has now been cancelled until further notice.

Captains Spring Away Day (Biceno Trophy)
Thursday 11th April at Basildon Golf Club . Chris has over twenty confirmed at the moment, but as no one has had access to the club to put their names on the list this is a reminder. If you want to go please let Chris know directly asap as he will have to confirm numbers for food etc with them before too long. As previously mentioned it is £50.00 for the day including full English breakfast, golf, lunch and prizes.

Preferred Lies
In an attempt to try and end such a depressing email on a slightly brighter note, I can inform you that we have received confirmation from England Golf that due to the unprecedented weather conditions during the 2023/2024 winter period, they have given an extension to preferred lies up to 31st May 2024. Let’s hope we are open to take advantage!